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Our Commitment to You
Beginning 2003 as Sarafis, we provided legal support services that includes investigative research, forensics, development and document preparation on behalf of our clients. Until about 2008 we specialized in unclaimed funds recovery and transitioned to judgment collections, when the housing market crash peaked our interest.

With tragedy comes hope and opportunity that caused us to delve into finding solutions to legally protect homeowners from loosing their equity in foreclosure. During our research we discovered that companies started to sell home Value Protection insurance, which, after review offered little or no real benefit to effectively protect a homeowner's out-of-pocket equitable investments. That's when Home Equity Protection Services was in it's infancy, and later developed to secure and protect American homeowner's out-of-pocket home equity investments from loss. 
Comprehensive Suite of Solutions
With more than 50 years of combined experience, the HEPS Team understands the complexity of the legal industry. That's why we are always researching, developing and sharpening our legal tools and strategy to meet the growing demands of an ever changing legal landscape.

​​This allows us to offer an array of legal services including, but not limited to secured home equity enhancement protection, surplus funds recovery, unclaimed funds recovery, foreclosure prevention, judgment collections, lawsuit preparation and much more.​ Many of the services we offer have no upfront cost. We only collect​​ our fees when you get paid. So we take all the risk in the potential loss of both time and money. 

Our dedicated HEPS team helps ensure you are always fully informed, up-to-date, and valued through proactive communication, timely response to your calls and emails, and clarity about each step of the secured home equity process.

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Personalized Approach
We want to know that you as our client, are enjoying an unsurpassed level of customer service. We do not enter into our business relationship with preconceptions, our own agenda, or an inflexible, cookie-cutter solution. Our first step, and one we continue throughout our professional relationship is to listen and understand your needs. From there, we build and execute a unique plan of action tailored to meet your particular needs. ​

​​Professionalism is at the core of our team's reputation. We work diligently to research, develop and deliver relevant, timely solutions and responses to support each client and their particular needs and we do so with the utmost respect, honesty, and courtesy. You should expect no less than this level of commitment when interacting with the HEPS team.

This is one of our highest priorities in the process of securing and protecting your equitable interest. HEPS may require confidential information for the purpose of securing, protecting or recovering your assets. The confidential information you provide us when necessary, is never shared or divulged to person, agency or institution unless disclosure of certain information is required to accomplish a given task on your behalf. 

Getting Results
Since 2003 we have successfully assisted thousands of clients with varying degrees of legal issues both administrative and judicial in the recovery, protection and discharge of financial assets totaling in excess of 25 Million and we aim to do the same for you. It's what we do. If we do not have or cannot find a solution that fits your needs, we will point you in the direction of someone who can. Thank you for partnering with us.
Thank you for extending an opportunity for Home Equity Protection Services (HEPS), to offer and provide secured home equity enhancement protection, and to partner with you in securing and protecting what will probably be the most valuable purchase you'll ever make, your home. We understand the important role our solutions will play in helping secure and protect the equitable interest you build in your home. We not only want to help you continue to fulfill your dream, but to protect that dream from becoming a nightmare.

Our first commitment to you is Honesty and Integrity. ​​We will always be upfront and honest about how the services we offer apply to your unique situation. It is our commitment that you always know exactly what you can expect from us. We genuinely care about our clients and the services you receive and we seek to add value not only in the unique services we offer, but in our commitment to excellence in the delivery of that service. Our commitment is based on two of the long-term objectives that shape everything we do at HEPS: delivering a service that meets or exceeds the needs of our clients and delivering value. We will regularly review our commitment to make sure we continue to meet, if not exceed, the needs of our clients as we look forward to serving you for years to come.
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