The greatest financial investment most Americans will ever make is in the purchase of a home. Our commitment is to Secure and Protect your home's equity. 
BLACKSHEEP offers the only programs in America to effectively secure and protect the equitable interest you build in your home from loss, unaffected by the HPI. 
Protection Services
To protect Homeowner's Equity from another housing market crash, such as in 2008 where over Six Trillion Dollars in home equity was lost (See Video).
Unsecured home equity is just the opposite of Secured home equity. As a Borrower you take a significant financial risk when you do not secure the Intrinsic Value of the equitable interest you build in a home you do not yet own. As a homeowner you are well aware, that when you get a home equity loan or line of credit to improve your home, the banks interest is secured against your home, while your loan remains unsecured

Let's say 
you took out a $25,000 home equity loan to improve the value of your home only to face foreclosure a year later. Because you failed to secure the equitable interest you created from the permanent improvements you made on your home, you have little to no recourse for Recovery of those cost. As a result, you can lose the value of your equitable interest and you are still liable to pay back the HELOC with interest. 

Failure to secure your equitable interest means you could end up paying more than double ($50,000) on your investment to the benefit of your bank, mortgagee or investors, especially in a short sale or foreclosure situation. You can easily avoid losing the Intrinsic Equitable Value  you invest in your home by securing and protecting it through Home Equity Protection Services.

The banks and mortgage investors are not only protecting their interest, but profiting from your Promissory Note using it as a Mortgage Backed Security (MBS) traded on the Stock Market. We are confident they will not be doing any profit sharing with you or help reduce your mortgage payments any time soon.

We are so confident that our home equity protection services are right for you, we offer an exclusive 100% Money Back Guarantee program that leaves you with everything to gain and nothing to lose. You are encouraged to visit our FAQ summary that will answer many of the questions you may have, or contact our office to consult with a qualified home equity protection consultant. Since 2003          14419 Greenwood Ave. North Suite A-374 Seattle WA 98133              Email:
So what does it mean to have Secured home equity? First remember, the True value in your home is the Intrinsic Equitable Value  or out-of-pocket costs you incurred for the purchase, permanent improvements, maintenance and repairs. Think of Intrinsic Value as a tangible thing, like a flawless 10 Carat Diamond in your hand. It is this true value that the home equity shield  secures and protects.

The following provides an example of what is considered the Intrinsic Value of your home's equity. In this scenario, you put down $25,000 to buy a $300,000 home. You then invest another $15,000 in permanent improvements, your total out-of-pocket costs is $40,000. The $40,000 is the Intrinsic Value of your home's equity that is unsecured, and that is the value the home equity shield protects.  

As stated in the above example, ​your $40,000 out-of-pocket costs is the Intrinsic Value that created the equitable interest you built in your home. These costs can be recovered if secured. Why? Because this real and personal Property creating the equitable interest you invest in your home belongs to you. Once these costs are secured, you possess a priority claim and right of reimbursement, recoupment or set-off that is undisputed.​​

Another powerful advantage of securing and protecting your home's equity is your ability to hedge against foreclosure, giving you leverage to negotiate with your lender you would not have otherwise. You are encouraged to visit our FAQ summary that will answer many of the questions you may have, or contact our office to consult with a home equity protection consultant.

​​Join our clients, claim your property and enjoy the ultimate secured home equity protection and leveraging tool. Isn't it time you Leveled the Playing Field to protect you and your family's most valuable investment? Contact one of our home equity protection consultants today for your free consultation.  

Most Americans are not aware that they can secure and protect the out-of-pocket unsecured cost and equitable investments you make in your home. Your home consist of both “Price” and “Equity” valuations. The “Price” value of your home is defined by the House Price Index – a stock market indices based on supply and demand. The “Equity” value of your home is derived from the cost of your investments which include the down payments, permanent improvements, maintenance and repairs. This is the True Intrinsic Equitable Value - the out-of-pocket costs creating the equitable interest is what we secure and protect.  

How is this accomplished? To begin, your mortgage contract  compels performance and provisions the: "Borrower shall maintain the Property in order to prevent the Property from deteriorating or decreasing in value due to its condition."To hedge against the potential for unjust enrichment to the lender, State laws were enacted which allow you to recover your cost for permanent improvements made on the property. For example, Washington law provides: "In an action for the recovery of real property upon which permanent improvements have been made ... the value of such improvements must be allowed as a claim." As a result, to insure the homeowner's equitable investments are not lost, we developed a proprietary process to protect the cost of permanent improvements and any other cost you have invested in the purchase and maintenance of your home. Having perfected a valid and verifiable security interest in your investments, as our client, you have a priority claim recoverable in Cash Reimbursement, Recoupment or Set-off. Provided below is a summary comparison of Secured vs. Unsecured home equity. 
Facts About Secured vs. Unsecured Home Equity
UNSECURED Home Equity    VS.      SECURED Home Equity
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