Provided below is a real life example of the results of having home equity protection in place prior to a foreclosure attempt by your lender. As shown below, although U.S. Bank through Trustee Corps sought to foreclose on our member client's property, the title search conducted by Service Link Title Agency revealed that the property could not be foreclosed on because "A UCC Financing Statement remains on title." In further disclosure, as indicated by the yellow highlights and red outline below, in all uppercase and bold lettering - the title company explains to Trustee Corps that because the property owner maintains "SUPER PRIORITY" Status, they could not foreclose on the Deed of Trust non-judicially. In other words, the trustee would either have to pay the homeowner to remove the lien, or file a lawsuit to foreclose on the property judicially. Our member client was contacted by the trustee and an offer was made, but he declined. This proves that securing and protecting your home's equity will not only stop a foreclosure, it also gives the homeowner leverage and the trustee's willingness to negotiate a settlement and avoid litigation all together, if an agreement can be reached. 
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