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1. ​​​Are your home equity protection services available in my state? Yes.​ ​Our service plans are available throughout all 50 United States. 

2.What real and personal property can I secure and protect as I build equity in my home? You can secure and protect the Intrinsic Equitable Value of your out-of-pocket costs in the down payment, home improvements, principle payments, maintenance and repairs from the date of purchase. ​

3. What do you mean by Intrinsic Equitable Value as it pertains to home equity protection? ​​The actual value of an asset. That is, the intrinsic value is what an asset is actually worth. If you invest $25,000 to remodel your kitchen, your equitable value is $25,000.

​4. ​
How much of the intrinsic equitable value can I secure and protect in my home under your service plans?You can secure and protect up to 100% of your home's equity.  Remember, we protect your out-of-pocket costs of the Intrinsic Equitable Value  creating the equitable interest you build in your home. 

​5. Can you protect. the intrinsic equitable value of my entire home? Yes.We protect any out-of-pocket costs creating the equitable interest you build in your home. However, we do not protect home values based on any stock market indices. 

6. I've been investing in my home for the past 5 years. Am I able to secure and protect the Intrinsic Equitable Value of my past investment? Absolutely. Whatever out-of-pocket cost you've invested in your home we can secure and protect. 

7.​ Can the Intrinsic Value of equitable interest I protect in my home surpass the value of my home as defined by the House Price Index  (HPI)? Yes. Remember, the HPI measures average price changes in repeat sales or refinancings on the same property. 

8. ​Can I recover 100% of the out-of-pocket costs of the equitable interest I build in my home if the intrinsic equitable value surpasses the HPI? Yes. You can sell your home at whatever price a buyer is willing to pay. Keep in mind, that having secured home equity protects your rights of reimbursement and recovery of your equitable interest. 

9. ​Will a court action be required for me to recover the equitable value I protected in my home in the event of foreclosure? That depends on your state or residency. There are judicial and non-judicial states. If you live in a judicial state, a court action may be required to be filed by your lender to initiate foreclosure proceeding. 

10. ​What is the House Price IndexA broad measure of the movement of single-family house prices in the U.S. that provides an analytical tool for estimating changes in the rates of mortgage defaults, prepayments and housing affordability.

11. ​Does implementing one of your home equity protection plans affect my ability to refinance my current mortgage?  No. Refinancing your mortgage and protecting your home's equity are two separate and distinct transactions.

12. ​How long is my home's equity secured and protected through your services? For as long as you own your home. As disclosed in your contract, the protection terminates in the event you sell your home.

13. ​How long does it take to set-up and implement the Home Equity Protection Services plan once I choose a program? Immediately after all the paperwork is signed, processed and submitted, approximately 3 to 6 weeks. Implementation times vary due to various state and federal filing requirements.  

14. ​Can I cancel my secured home equity protection if I am no longer interested in keeping it?  Yes. Your secured home equity protection can be canceled at any time and cannot be unsecured unless terminated by the homeowner. 

​15. ​Does canceling my home equity protection also cancel the current Intrinsic Equitable Value I've secured in my home?  No. Whatever Intrinsic Equitable Value you secure in your home through our program remains protected and can only be terminated by you.

16. ​How much will I need to be involved in implementing the  Home Equity Protection Services plan that I choose? Our office manages and fully implements the entire process. Your primary requirement will be signing the necessary contracts and related documents required to secure and protect your home equity investments.

17. ​What is the cost of implementing a home equity protection service plan? Service plans range from 1.9 to 8.5 percent of the Intrinsic Equitable Value you wish to secure and protect. Optional monthly fee programs are offered that include value added services depending upon your chosen Home Equity Protection Service Plan.

18. ​Are the fees securing the Intrinsic Equitable Value of my home one time fees?​ Yes and No. If you select our no monthly fee program and use our services only once, no additional cost will be incurred. If you choose a monthly fee program or wish to secure and protect future home equity investments, additional service fees may apply. 

19. What If I invested $25,000 to remodel my kitchen, but the current value of my home $100,000 less than what I paid for it and I still owe $275,000. Should I secure the $25,000 value of equity even if my home is considered upside down? Yes. Remember, the Intrinsic Equitable Value is your out--of-pocket cost of home improvements, etc., and this value is unaffected by the HPI. 

20. ​​Is secured home equity protection insurance. No. It is an agreement between Home Equity Protection Services and the homeowner. It is not regulated by the federal government as an insurance policy with underwriters.

21. What is the difference between the home equity protection your company offers and other companies I researched on the internet? Those companies attempted to protect the (Extrinsic Value) of your homes equity from a decline in home value based on the stock market. We protect the out-of-pocket real or (Intrinsic Value) of home equity not governed or effected by a fluctuating stock market.   

22. ​What if I am currently facing foreclosure and I did not secure or protect my homes equity. Can your services help? Yes. We offer other very effective services specifically designed to assist homeowner facing foreclosure from losing their home. For a complete overview, click the Foreclosure link.   
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