PREMIUM Home Equity Protection Plan
                     $59.95 MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP FEE 

The Premium Home Equity Protection Shield secures up to a maximum of $125,000 of your home's equity. This is a $59.95 monthly membership program plus applicable tier rates. With added features and security, this plan provides a balance between affordability and peace of mind offering around the clock access and equity protection. With greater leverage and hedgeability, you can rest easy knowing the intrinsic value of the equitable investments you make in your home is 100% secured and protected. With additional value added services, the Premium Shield includes:

- 100% Secured Home Equity Protection for as Long as You Own Your Home
- Secures and Protects up to $125,000 Maximum of Home Equity Protection
- Level II Exclusive Home Equity Protection Defense Funding​
- 15% OFF New Membership Program if Joined Within 60 Days
- Homestead State Tax Exemption Filings for Your State
- Termination & Refund of PMI Insurance Over Payments​ (If Applicable)​ ​
- Secured Home Equity ​Protection Consultation and Property Valuation
- ​Credits Applied Towards Securing Additional Home Equity that                      Increases Protection While Decreasing Cost
- Qualified Written Request for Information Regarding Mortgage 
- ​Customized Document Preparation ​for Securing Home Equity ***
- ​​Filing Applicable ​UCC 1 and 3 ​Financing Statements ***
- Obtain Current Copy of Promissory Note to Determine Ownership
- ​​Up to 3 State and Federal Disclosure Request and Review (If Applicable) 
- Up to 3 Responses to Foreclosure Notices (If Applicable) 
- Preparation of Answer to Judicial/Non-judicial Foreclosure Notices
- Account Setup, Research, Development and Document Preparation      
- Complete Processing, Packaging & Mailing of Documents

*** (Filing fees imposed by local, state and federal government agencies,              entities and subsidiaries are absorbed by participating member)

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